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Welcome to VehicleZat.com: VehicleZat.com is an automobiles classifieds and car dealership website. This is a complete and flexible solution for used car buyers, sellers and dealers offering fully responsive themes and powerful functionality.

Sellers and Buyers of vehicles can use this site to list their vehicls for sale or search for used cars. There are a lot of category available to search. The site provides simple and detailed searching faclility and lists the used car or trucks listed in our website.

VehicleZat.com provides an enhanced search interface with locations marked in maps. You can also register your email or facebook to get latest vehicles listed. Also there is RSS feeds available to subscribe for each search criteria. VehicleZat.com lists both new and used cars for sale like the convertible cars, coupe cars, hatchback cars, 4x4, suvs, classic and vintage cars, hybrid cars, luxury limos for the rich, motorcycles etc.

Key Features:

Tabbed Quick Search

Whether you are searching for a car, truck or bike, you can always use our tabbed search form with fields specific to a vehicle type.

Body Style Search

A box with the most popular body styles that allows you to browse through all cars of a body style selected with one click.

Makes and Models

Our auto classifieds website comes with a full database of the most popular makes and models, which we update time to time.

VIN Check Option

With VIN Check service you can view the most accurate and full reports about US cars they're planning to buy by entering VIN codes.

Other Types of Vehicles

You can always add more vehicle types to your used car site like trucks, bikes, or start a heavy machinery site using our special free patch.

Paid Services

Using our secure payment gateways you can pay for banners and featured cars


VehicleZat.com is a vehicle classifieds listing and information service website and we are not involved directly in the sale of vehicles or any of the finances surrounding a sale.  We do not own, buy, or sell any of the vehicles that are listed on our site. Information about a particular vehicle is supplied by the seller, not by VehicleZat.com. VehicleZat.com will not act as a third party in any sale negotiations or shipping arrangements and we do not assume any liability for any content posted by you or any other 3rd party users of our website. Even if we regularly monitor the listings and take actions on reported listings, we can not verify the details provided by the buyers or sellers or guarantee the vehicles any seller offer. VehicleZat.com will never contact you via phone or email with links to ask for your login details or credentials.

Responsibility for the information contained in each listing lies with each seller. You alone are responsible for material you post and for the content of all email messages you transmit through VehicleZat.com. When using our website for selling your vehicle or buying on, we advice to use the same common sense and good judgment you would use in selling a car through, or responding to, a classified ad in a newspaper. VehicleZat.com is much like a classified section of a newspaper and buyers should use their best judgement when approaching a transaction.
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